Design Loans is an ethically run, financially stable company that put the needs and considerations of our customers above all else. We are among the first logbook loan companies in the UK having started our operations in the year 2000. Back then the company started with a single branch but over the years owing to the demand and our top notch client service and relations, we have expanded to almost all the major cities.

Design Loans is financially sound and we lend our own money. As Design Loans we take pride in our approach to always serve client with the utmost due diligence, quick processing and friendly interaction which has in turn provided us with excellent customer reviews.

Our staff is always passionate about helping customers get what they are looking for and will make sure that they receive all the support and advice they require. Design Loans ensures that our consistent high service standards are upheld and are constantly reviewed for improvement. For us the sky truly is the limit.

As members of the CCTA( Consumer Credit Trade Association) since the onset of our company, Design Loans has been working in close cooperation with them to see that their Code of Practice is developed with the customer in mind. We strongly believe that every logbook loan institution should register with CCTA and follow their Code of Practice to ensure a consistent delivery of high customer service throughout the industry.

We are authorized and regulated by the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) . Customers should check for registration with the FCA to avoid being victims of scammers and unscrupulous businesses that have unfair terms in their contracts. The FCA oversees that customers are treated fairly.